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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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Can the alphabet be over already... what to do now?????

Roger Green

Oh, I think the street idea is zound, I mean sound.
The Zink process is fascinating.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


I zink this may be a wunnerful thing; that's what I zink.

I also zink I heard about it before. But I don't zink it is too widespread at the moment. Prob'ly 'cause the ink companies would lose too much business.

Do know where one can get zis paper with the ink embedded?

Jane Mitchell

You sure fooled me--I was sure that you would choose Z for Zenke, our own well-known interior designer.


Good choice for Z, but the comments are just too funny!!! Don't you zink????

Greensboro Daily Photo

Yes, I zink you guyz are zo funny.


Fascinating - I'd like to see this catch on - IF the paper isn't horribly expensive. :)


I like the idea of the streets signs. I even thought of it myself.... but that's all I did and now I have to really skedaddle to get them in order!!

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