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Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Nice that the counter is so clean it reflects.

Sounds like fun and good food (although I'll have to pass on all the pork things).

Greensboro Daily Photo

Dina: Plenty of BBQ chicken for you! I actually prefer the chicken. Mr. GDP is the BBQ pork fan!



had to google 'hushpuppies' (its a term one hears about and thinks is familiar, but when pressed realizes she has no idea what they are). so I guess they would replace the 'fries'?


I've had North Carolina style BBQ but I would love to try North Carolina BBQ in North Carolina someday. Pennsylvania BBQ isn't the greatest imho. :)
I lived in Texas from early 2007 to mid 2009 and BBQ is one of the things that I miss most. The brisket and hot links are amazing! I never did aquire a taste for sweet tea though.

Sorry about the Linky problems. You are correct to choose the right side option (from web). Hopefully it's just a one time fluke. I don't know how to fix it other than asking you to see if your link is correct and trying again a little later.

I like the picture and oh how I wish I was there ordering some BBQ! :)

Carmen Henesy, Carmen's Chronicles

I love barbecue, especially the large beef bones which you can't find everywhere. In San Francisco, there aren't too many great barbecue places though it is a city of great eating, otherwise.

becky chalet

Yum! Can only dream of this BBQ. Nice reflection on the counter and the tin can.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Lesley: You are right. We can't assume people know what hush puppies. They are cornbread batter balls deep fried. Sometimes they have the shape of a small piece of shrimp. Unfortunately, the don't usually REPLACE french fries. We eat both. Barbecue with fried corn batter and fried potatoes. Uh, does that count as two vegetables? It doesn't if you are talking to your heart doctor!

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