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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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Roger Green

It's funny, but I see that building, I think Charlotte, NC. Maybe there's a common construction style for strip mall type buildings in your state.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, welcome, and thanks for participating! - ROG

Manang Kim

Missed visiting this kind of store. Everything here is closed because of the weather except the huge grocery store. Great shot on this one thanks for sharing and the visit! Happy Wednesday!
ABC Wednesday


I like these old-style markets. Everything is so colorful and well-displayed.


I just love the neighborhood feel of this image. Great backstory about Bessemer's heritage.

ABC Team


What a delightful scene. One could just step into it, pick up some fresh produce, hop on the bike and head for home.
Thanks for an imaginary trip to the store.

Jane Mitchell

And their fresh, home-grown tomatoes in the good ol' summertime are unbelievable!


I have to agree with Wanda. The picture is so REAL!

barb farr

Great shot and interesting backstory.

Jack Hart

They make the best pimento cheese in the world, my Daddy LOVED it!

Dianne Swayne

My mom's sister and her family lived out in Bessemer when I was a young girl. We passed, and often stopped at this curb market many many times going to and from their house. I'm so pleased to see it's still in business, looks like I could just pick up an orange and start peeling! Beautiful photo, really brings back some good memories. Next time I'm in GSO I will make it a priority to go by there again.
From Texas,,,,


Hi Jan, sorry my computer is having hiccups, and I'm trying someone elses for the moment...
but yes, there is a signs meme. It is at (http://signs2.blogspot.com) I didn't know how to do a linky with Wordpress, so started an independent meme just for the signs. sorry for the confusion. the link is still open for you to participate.


correct link.

leif hagen

A colorful, juicy photo with so much fresh fruit! Yummy snap!


I'm back from my brief sojourn. Glad you found us and decided to join.
LOVE the small market stores

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