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Saturday, January 08, 2011


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Let us not forget that we still need the ordinary post. Everything can't be done electronically. There is a reflection in that too.


This reminds how certain of our newly-elected Congress folks plan to go after public service unions with vigor to destroy them!


Cool shot. I like the angle of the roof.

I think you chose the wrong Linkytools option because you shouldn't have to resize your photo. There are two options #1 link from file or #2 from web. You should choose #2 from web and you can link the photo directly from your blog.


I just want to say how much I appreciate you finding these little out of the way gems and then doing research on their history/their story and sharing it! I find my mind expanding on GDP...

By the way, I'd like to ask your readers...Is the art of letter-writing lost forever? Remember the thrill of receiving a letter in the mail and then sitting down to read it. Re-reading it? Love live the post!


I used to live in an area with lots of these litle post modern houses and I always wished our house had the triangluar windows (though I know getting window treatments that fit are difficult and expensive)

@Emily. I belong to Postcrossing, an online forum where we send (and receive) actual postcards around the world. not exactly a letter, but it is exciting to see a postcard in the mail (and you never know which country the next one will come from!)

Greensboro Daily Photo

What a range of comments today! From Jacob's political thoughts. RudE and James comment on the photography. Violet Sky brings back her thoughts on the architecture. and YES! Emily is local!

Violet Sky: How fun to send and receive postcards! Thanks for posing the question about the post Emily!

It's going to be a good year after all!

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