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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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The demise of all our 'corner' stores tells a sad story, doesn't it.


Let the debate about progress and nostalgia and shlock and fond memories rage. I am on all sides of that debate.

Jane Mitchell

Que de souvenirs!


I am right where above poster, Jack is on this, all sides of the debate.
I am all about de-cluttering (not good at it though) and yet I miss those knick-knacks before they are even gone.
We "antique" for fun and resell some of it for funds to continue the cycle.
Every generation has places that have gone embedded in their memories,that is the way it must happen in order to make way for more moments destined to become someones fond memories.


I'm sorry to hear that anyone would have to go out of business due to the economy instead of the time of his own choosing. I hope this is not a forced choice to close.

If I was this particular Emily that left the message, I would be embarrassed to have wasted my money on "embarrassmints" ridiculing Bush and Cheney. People all over the world were thankful for some of the decisions that administration made. . . Ask Bono about this (AIDS). Ask Tanzania about Bush. Ask snowflake babies about this. Keep asking, and you will always find lovers and haters. Funny how the haters are always loudest.

I guess a lot of opportunistic shopkeepers and entrepeneurs went out of business when Bush & Cheney left office. Viva la capitalism, Emily!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Well, today will go down as the most interesting group of comments for this year's posts!

Roger Green

Bummer. Looks like a classic place.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


The UNCG community and I will sorely miss The Corner Store and Grant Snavely's smiling face. My children will be disappointed to hear the news. When will it close? Maybe we can stop by for one more silly trinket or another clever packet of "National Embarrassmints" to share.

All good things must come to an end.


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