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Saturday, December 18, 2010


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And here I am, sitting in Cape Town in shorts and a T-shirt, hoping that it will cool down a little :-)

Greensboro Daily Photo

Actually, it isn't too bad here, Craig. For sure, however, we're not in shorts and a T-shirt!

leif hagen

I concur. Looks like a lovely, warm and cozy spot for come coffee, treats and blog time...


This looks like one of our favorite places - Bagelicious, in Ocala. Yummy!

Re your comment on Florida Fotos: How would you say Key West has changed? We haven't been there for a number of years (probably 7-8) but it was much the same as always, then. Crazy!


This looks like a homey spot on a cold day.


Very cozy scene. Great reflections. Merry Christmas to you n yours!


Nothing better than a place like this in cold weather...


Hot chocolate with marshmallows for me.
It is quite cold in NC these days and more ice is coming. I wear my cozy hat everywhere too.

There is something about Christmas that makes me start a new blog. I made my first one around this time two years ago. Fixed myself new one on Blogspot couple of weeks ago.

Hope you have a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is always good to hear from you.


I am a big fan of coffee shops. This one looks like a natural for the Christmas season.

Genie - Paris and Beyond

I love local coffee shops and think that they are at times like libraries with beverages and a social life...

Nice reflection and glad that you showed us the activity in your coffee-place!

Pagan Sphinx

You've captured an almost detectable hum, in this photo. So well done. I'll bet the coffee's good, too!


I just like the reflection revealing only the top of the heads of the other customer... Very good indeed !

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