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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Greensboro Daily Photo

Every morning we delete anywhere from three to ten spam (unsolicited) advertisement messages on our blog. Spammers leave comments, usually on old posts and in almost-coherent, computer-generated English. If you click on their link, you land on a place to purchase their product. Fortunately, the product for men-over-fifty is not attacking our blog. However, I don't think I could ever purchase an Air Jordan tennis shoe, a coach handbag, or a Christian Laboutin product because of all of the unwanted, junk messages that come our way! Well, I've vented for the day. Time to step out and enjoy the redbirds!

My New Year's Wish for the City Daily Photo community is a spam-free 2011!

Auntie E

I love these birds.


What a marvelous photo! A lovely shot for Ruby Tuesday. Thank you for participating in Ruby Tuesday! :)

hip chick

I just love seeing these birds against the white snow. So pretty.

Manang Kim

Love cardinal. They are so pretty!
Ruby Red Tuesday


I like this photo so much!


One of my favorite bids...they visit my feeder often!

barb farr

He sure is pretty against that white snow.


One of my favorite birds. We had quite a few cardinals come into our yard at our old house in Ocala...the blue jays would chase them away, but they always came back. They do add a lot of color!


Hi again! Re your question on Ocala: the "sidekick" is my lovely wife of 53 1/2 years, Lois Anne...

Have a wonderful rest of the week and a very Happy New Year!


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