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Monday, November 15, 2010


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Magical Mystical Teacher


We were there
At the Renaissance fair
And we saw them juggling balls.

We were there
At the Renaissance fair
And we climbed the castle walls.

We were there
At the Renaissance fair,
Milling around with the crowd.

We were there
At the Renaissance fair—
The air was festive and loud.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher


They are always interesting to attend.


This must have been fun!


Seems like a lot of fun & a very good value.


An Autumn Ren Faire! I have always thought this would be the perfect time of year for a Faire. Our Ren Faire is April-first weekend of June, We have been going in garb for over 30 years! Wow, I am a really oldish geek!
It really IS more fun in costume. We have been going as a band of 4-16 pirates the last few years and have had a blast. No having to act ladylike and noble as a Bonnie Pirate wench,bring on the Steak on a stake!
I am in envy of your Autumn faire! AAARRGGHHHHH!

barb farr

I love attending the ren fair in Atlanta. Back in the day, it would be spring and fall for 6-7 weeks. These days it only runs during the spring. Fun for all, that's for sure.

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