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Saturday, November 27, 2010


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Louis la Vache

A fine building from the era when architects still knew how to design elegant buildings and had not succumbed to the Stacked Ice Cube Tray School of Architecture.

«Louis» was mooved by your comment at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


Gorgeous building, thats a great shot. Thanks for the history on it.

Jane Mitchell

I can't believe I have lived here all these years without realizing that our most prominent building was named for Thomas Jefferson!

barb farr

Beautiful building.


Very nice zoom on the architectural detail... And the reflection is quite beautiful, with all this golden light...


How impressive a sight and read. Nice detail the "protection". Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.


Great shot! I really like the look of the building and the color of reflections.

David T


There's a concise company history for Jefferson-Pilot (pre-Lincoln) at http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/JeffersonPilot-Corporation-Company-History.html

According to that history, "A Jefferson Standard Policy is a Declaration of Independence for the Family," was Jefferson Standard's official slogan.


Considered to be Greensboro's downtown crown jewel. My wedding reception was held on the top floor in the city club years ago. I wonder what it is used for now?? I might take the elevator to the top one day, just to see.

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