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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Thats a very colorful vehicle


it almost looks like our colorful jeepney..quite eyecatching! happy MYM!


I love "art cars" ! Baby doll heads are creepy even when they are still on the baby doll, one of my phobias from childhood.
I don't know if I ever shared this but I drive an art car myself...a 94 Geo Metro that DH paints on a whim every now and then. It once had an extensive map of the "Lost " Island on the hood complete with airplane parts and polar bears!
Today it is John Deere Green with a dollop of white on top oozing over as if a very large seagull had flown over and....you know.
Also has the Irken army symbol from the cartoon "Invader Zim" on the hood and a pirate skull on the roof.
There is an ever changing display of artist and statement stickers on the lower back window. Kajiu Big Battle ,Lego Zombies,Little George.com ,Pinky & the Brain and Dropkick Murphys are there right now.
But as they say...Day ain't over yet...

Manang Kim

Oh my this is pretty cool!
MYM-Array of food


Ah, well---beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say...LOL

Our married daughter and SIL live near Greensboro. They are in Highpoint.


It is a little too subtle for me . . .


an aging ambulance for The Partridge Family??


oops, I meant for an aging Partridge family (not the ambulance) it was all those bright colours making me dizzy and speechless.

Magical Mystical Teacher


Of all the colors under the sun
Yellow is the mellowest one.
Its hues are varied, if truth be told—
Cream and amber, and even gold.
Saffron’s considered a yellow hue,
So are lemon and bisque—buff too!
One mustn’t forget the lion’s mane—
Tawny and blond like Penny Lane.
And when full moons glow golden at night
They cast on earth a xanthic light.
Of all the colors under the sun,
Yellow, my friend, is the most fun!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher



IMHO, this looks like the perfect vehicle for the 'Rhythm of Life' scene from the film version of SWEET CHARITY (video clip below)


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