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Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Oh gosh, you're right! Cool shot!

Jane Mitchell

And don't forget the Piedmont Craftsmen's Show in Winston-Salem at the Benton Convention Center today and tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

leif hagen

The Apple store is a dangerous place for "guy noir" types, spies, geeks, computer junkies, Apple fans - a credit card accident can happen quickly at that place ...


Great shot, lots to look at!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I especially like the silhouette of the smoker at his open car door. He must not have known he was being "shot."

barb farr

Cool that you have an Apple store. We don't have one here. I can't afford to shop there anyway.


Anything qualifies as a reflection for a photo of a that guy - straight from an old "B-movie" :-)


What a great shot in the dark. Lovely reflections.

Crafty Green Poet

Excellent, that looks brilliant!


Very interesting slice of life.
Waiting for photo report of the events you visited on this week-end.

Carolina Mts

Fun reflection shot.

Genie - Paris and Beyond

Great "Guy Noir" shot and it is an intriguing photo with the Apple Logo at the top. It almost seems a bit like the green light on the end of the pier in Great Gatsby (or is that too farfetched)?

Thanks for your comments chez moi.



Just excellent! "Guy Noir" shots are fun and this is superb.

Our daughter is doing well and we're back at home and want to thank you for all your good wishes! Hope things are going good there, too!

Oakland Daily Photo

Brighter than the half moon in the sky. Guy Noir is thinking whether or not he should follow the doll to that dive downtown.

Louis la Vache

hee hee...
Chez la Vache is all Apple, all the time! We have 2 iMacs, an iMac, 2 iPod Touch, an iPad, Airport Express and Time Capsule...


Great night shot, love the composition.


A lot going on around Greensboro! Hope you take it easy this weekend!

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