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Saturday, October 02, 2010


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No kidding!
This whole photo is beautiful.

We Heifer Ranch volunteers entered our toad in the races at the Toad Suck (Arkansas) festival, but I never heard of woolly worms.


So glad that the wooly worm is predicting a mild winter!


magnifique photo,bravo :O)

jabblog uk

Let's hope the woolly worm has got it right :-) Cute little beastie.


Cool critter and thank God. I am really hoping for a mild winter this year. After last winters back to back snowstorms and 60 inches of snow I could go without winter for a long time.


Fascinating post, never heard that about the weather prediction before. Lovely shot!


He is so cute.
And this sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. I hope no overly zealous 'environmentalists' decide that it is all so cruel to the caterpillers and try to shut it down (we had turtle races in a small town near here that were in jeopardy after a story about them in a big city newspaper).


It looks as if the woolly worm is on an ice-covered branch. I've never heard about them predicting the winter weather before. Interesting.

Alberta, Canada

Greensboro Daily Photo

Kay: The woolly worm is on the edge of our bird bath.

I'd always heard about their predicting the severity of winter but just learned that more brown meant milder!


A wonderful shot. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Wooly Worm Festival or a Wooly Worm Race! Hehe.

Everyday Melbourne

Lovely ! so beautiful color and cute creature !


Oh wow that is so cool! I didn't even notice the reflection at first but then it was there. I think its neat the way the pink and green reflection wraps around the water line.

ann chin

where is the head and where is the tail?

ming the merciless

I love caterpillars. They are so otherworldly but yet beautiful and interesting.


I know that this is two months past the post, but boy, did that wooly worm miss the mark!

I was searching for a past article in the News & Record about NOAA predicting a milder than normal winter for us here when I came across this post. Everyone screwed up in their predictions - NOAA, the local news and this worm.

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