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Saturday, October 23, 2010


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Louis la Vache

This looks very much like the underside of a freeway near Chez la Vache...

Jane Mitchell

My question is---What were you doing here?

Greensboro Daily Photo

We were in search of graffiti. Plus it is within view of the Art House, which we featured earlier in the week. So, in essence, we were killing two birds with one stone! as the saying goes. Not a place we would go after sundown. However, all was quiet when we were there. Now, as for the smell...........


Interesting reflection of life... We always forget the less fortunated when we visit some place, but they still are there, struggling for life... Thanks for this thoughtfull sharing.


Ugh! Doesn't look like a good place for homeless folks, though...more like a hangout for a bunch of miscreant teens...or just plain ol' bums.

Don't like graffiti in any form or fashion, with one exception: if the so-called artists draws on his/her own walls.

Interesting photo, though, and it doth raise more questions than it answers. Like someone else asked, "What were you doing there?" Oh, never mind, I see you answered that...stinky place, huh?

Have a fun weekend.

Gunn White

Both text and photo make this in to a "strong" posting! Thanks for sharing it.


An intriguing view of the underside of a road bridge. They seem to be like this the world over.

Laura Hegfield

interesting photo and it does make me think about who left the message...kind of like a modern day cave painting...you are left pondering the humans who had spent time in this space...what is/was their life like?


Good Morning ! You have hit upon another subject we have in common,Graffiti! Here in Southern California we have every kind of Graffiti from Gang tagging to extremely artistic murals and everything in-between. This is an awesome Dragon we found while on a short hike last Winter for my DHs Birthday. That is the Son-in-Law, George in the photo(not his work but he has been there and done that!)Link:

The Graffiti of a city tells a tale of who goes by ,what is happening , of aspiration and loss. The history and future are there and have always been free for all to see the more the merrier!
When we were in the UK we saw graffiti in ancient caves and vaults,some of it new ,most of it dating back hundreds of years.
Have a great weekend!


a bit on the ugly side. But sometimes you need to have a look at this sort of place.

barb farr

I am sure we have some of this type of graffiti in PC/Columbus area, but I have yet to see it. We do however, have a fair share of homeless people.

BTW, it's ok if your an Auburn fan. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves :-)

pagan sphinx

Ha! I think I'm guilty of capturing only the beauty of my rural Massachusetts home and surroundings. But it's always worth a mention of what's not so glamorous. Over-focusing on the run-down aspects of one's community is tricky, I think. I try to track a happy medium by taking photos of my downtown (which is trying not to look run-down but really is) that reflect people doing ordinary things like walking the stroller to the store or step into the local Subway shop for a sandwich.

I think Chris is not the brightest bulb on the tree, judging by his artwork. ;-)

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