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Saturday, October 16, 2010


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LOL. This must be the most unique reflection on the meme this weekend!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks, Dina.
We're starting to take these Weekend Reflections very seriously. When we first started we were lukewarm about "reflections" and realized we usually tried to avoid them. The is a case where the meme has made us better photographers. Finding a quirky reflection for Saturday is invigorating!

Jane Mitchell

Okay, I give up--who said it?

Jack Hart

About 28 years ago a truckstop in Lincoln, AL was remodeling the bathrooms and had the guys using the gals for a couple of weeks. Now the guys had some pretty rough 'stuff on the walls...we had NOTHING on the gals! I actually blushed at some of it!LOL

Greensboro Daily Photo

Jane, we don't know who said/wrote the Joan Rivers quote, but in the photo it is located in the upper middle where the pink meets the black. If you click on the photo itself, it will enlarge and you can have an even better view of the graffiti in all its glory.


Great wall! I love places that not only "allow" but encourage art!
One of DHs friends had a collection of Sharpies in the bathroom of his Kustom Car shop and over the years it has become a major work of art with many famous and now gone Hot Rodding Icons leaving a note ,drawing or just a signature. Nobody could resist!
Have a great weekend~


Great sample of graffiti for past theme day at CDP.
And thank you for the theme of the post: we never posted toilets in Moscow blog)))

Oakland Daily Photo

Original, colorful, and with good humor. Congrats.


Interesting place!!

pagan sphinx

Ha! Very clever. Great shot and it proves that taking one's camera everywhere really does have its benefits! ;-)

My entry is here


We have a cafe around here with a similar idea. Funny!


O_o : this is a strange way of decorating a bathroom... But it seems quite practical, since people love to let open messages in those public places : here they seems to be easily eraised to be changed...

Greensboro Daily Photo

Here we see a British chic men's room in Durham, England:


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