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Sunday, October 31, 2010


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barb farr

Creepy cool shot. I love to stumble around old cemeteries.

--Roll Tide--



I'm one of the ones who usually find cemeteries spooky...I've watched too many scary movies. Your picture made me get that creeped out feeling. It just depends on the cemetery and the setting for me, but we pay our respects all the same.


Nice post. I love the old headstones.

t. becque

Great graveyard and I bet history!

To answer your question, the mural in my photo is changed quite often.

Living So Abundantly

Thank you for checking out my blog! :0) With your post of a Presbyterian church, it made me think of one not too far from me. Have you heard of Thyatira Presbyterian Church in Mill Bridge? Very neat picture!


Hi, just wanted to thank you for stopping by, appreciate your visit and kind comment. I do love cemeteries, for whatever reasons, I find them peaceful places, often full of fascinating historical details. Over the past couple of years I've done rather alot of posting about various cemeteries :


This one in Greensboro looks like a lovely place, with quite a few famous links there...

Cheryl Angel

Lovely tranquil setting.... beautiful photo... beautiful space, and full of history. Greensboro should be proud!

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