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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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It seems like only yesterday that the Challenger accident happened. I remember it well. What a sad day that was. Thanks for sharing the information about Dr. McNair with us today.


My husband is an avid space mission follower and I remember his deep sadness and shock when the disaster happened. You are right, such a young life to be lost in the quest for space exploration.
Thanks so much for reminding us of the greatness of the people involved in such a mission.

ABC Team


Very interesting post and choice for the letter M. I saw your post below and was pleased to see the berry identified because I recently photographed that on a trail and didn't know the name.

Roger Green

I knew the name, but not the story. A sad day.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


A sad occasion that stopped many a dream. The worst was that it stopped seven lives.


It was 73 seconds after lift-off, not minutes.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thanks for catching that mistake, AB. 73 seconds, indeed. Let's be thankful that the miners in Chile are having a better outcome than the Challenger astronauts.


A lovely monument! What a horrible event that was. And yes, the Chilean miners are now out of the ground.

Jack Hart

During a business meeting in Lake City, SC years ago I was talking to the man about Ron McNair. He said a finer family could not be found. He then mentioned the funeral. I had assumed that Ron was buried in Houston, however it is in Lake City.
The man said, "Jump in my truck, I'll take you to the grave site!"
It is in an old cemetery just out of town. Off to the side is Ron's grave...and fitting for a man of his stature it most certainly is!
It has small shrubs and mini walkways on it, it is about 50 feet by 30 feet. In the middle is a casket sized marker that is stainless, it reflects the shy above! At the rear are three flags, an American flag, a SC State flag and most appropriate, a Christain flag!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thank you Jack for sharing this story! We learn so much through reading the comments of readers. Makes blogging all worthwhile!

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