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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


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How strange about the smell.

Your smokestack reminds me of the expression "he smokes like a chimney."

Greensboro Daily Photo

So true, Dina. You should see the smokestack in person. Looks like a giant cigarette in the sky too!

About a mile west of there, NCA&T University has a similar giant smokestack! Don't know what comes out of that one.


I agree, how strange about the smell!
Interesting post indeed....

Annelie E
ABC Wednesday team

Bill B

Chocolate? Now that's a mystery.

Roger Green

well, I knew about the history of tobacco in NC (you have a ciity called Winston-Salem!)But Lorilland is only a name I've heard of; thanks for the lesson.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jane Mitchell

I remember when Greensboro and Montbéliard became sister cities. There was much touting of the Lorillard connection at that time. Too, there were frequent exchanges--students chosen to spend summers working in Montbéliard and vice versa.


I think the tobacco industry has tried every conceivable flavour from aniseed to zilch to get us hitched. The chocolate flavour must be to get the youngsters.

Nice smokestack - very fitting :-)


Lorillard is the maker of Newport cigarettes, for those of you who have not heard of the company. It is the oldest continuously operating tobacco company in the United States, and one of the ten oldest companies of any kind in the US. Celebrating its 250th year in business this year. I work there, and am proud of it. It's a great company that really treats its employees very, very well.

Oakland Daily Photo

Interesting post. Now you've got me wondering what the oldest company in the US is. Any idea?


Interesting! I remember the company, but hadn't heard the chocolate portion!

Greensboro Daily Photo

TW: Thank you so much for posting a comment! Here at GDP, we thrive on comments. When we get them from locals we are especially proud to think we are giving back to our community. Great to hear that Lorillard is such a good company and that you enjoy working there. Your comment is proof positive that employee/company loyalty is NOT a thing of the past!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Well, Oakland Daily Photo, we've found a Wikipedia site for the world's oldest companies, some dating back to the the AD 500's. The oldest ones in the USA appear to be one for musical instruments and a couple of farms:


Oakland Daily Photo

I should have thought of Wiki, foolish me. I never would have guessed that there are companies more than 1,000 years old. Did you notice that the bulk of the oldest are in Germany and Japan? I scratch my head wondering how such geographically, historically, and culturally different societies could foster the world's oldest businesses. Superficially they don't seem to have much in common. Some aspiring economics grad student could take this on for their dissertation! Chuckled to see that so many of the oldest companies are breweries. Yet another connection to my L post! Thanks for the info and the education.

Oakland Daily Photo

If not a CDP theme, maybe a special tour: the breweries of Japan and Germany pre 1400 A.D. I'd sign up for it.

Louis la Vache

«Louis», a non-smoker, hasn't thought about Lorillard in years and found this to be an interesting post.

Re your question about the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, yes, «Louis» has walked it several times.

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