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Monday, October 04, 2010


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I like two of the cars in this photo!

hip chick

We had a family friend who drove a yellow bug just like that one when I was a girl. I guess I'm dating myself. I like watermelon but I think that vehicle would be a little over the top for me.


That "conservative" car looks quite boring in comparison.
Those buildings look in great condition.


I think this kind of neighborhood renewal near downtown is wonderful. It is also smart that "they" have used a variety of architectural styles. Now, the car "styles" are something else. I like the Bug - had one like that myself...and I must say the green monster is certainly interesting.

Already tired and Monday has just begun? You must be a teacher! :-)

ChiIL Mama

What a melon! Fun fun. The 60's are still alive and well. We have a blue 69 dune buggy bug we hope to get back up and running one of these years.

Bill B

It begs the question, "With or without seeds?"

Manang Kim

Oh my this makes me smile! It looks like a watermelon on the go!! ^_^
Fishes & Bird


The watermelon van is too funny! Love the vintage mellow yellow VW!

Stephanie V

I think I want that watermelon van. Very cool. have to admit, tho', that my first thought on seeing your photo was: "Yellow punch-buggy; no return". Been hangin' with the kids too much, i think.


I thought that car looked like a watermelon! Great changes in the neighborhood.


Good vibes coming over ... may you have a great sounding week.


Watermelon, you don't say... I'd say just a bad car wash where the soap was filled with green, red and white paint. eeeeewwwww

I love this yellow bug, town car and up town opposite side down town, nice


It's a watermelon on wheels!!

ann chin

on a hot summer day, my head is in a daze, I might mistake this to be a watermelon.

ming the merciless

How cute is that? A watermelon mini-van!!

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