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Sunday, September 26, 2010


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Nice to hear from you! Ms. Rawlings did write a lot of other things than The Yearling. If you dig out that recipe book, let me know what you cook, OK?

This is a beautiful picture...you've got the stained glass perfectly and the silhouetted people in the pews are just the right contrast. I don't get all that convoluted theology, but to each his own.

Hope you're doing well!

leif hagen

A magnificent photo of a heavenly stained glass window! Perfect for Sacred Sunday!


Nice window. Did people look back at you when they heard the click of your camera?

Greensboro Daily Photo

Randy (Santa Fe Daily Photo): I was attending a presentation on Orthodoxy 101 and many people had cameras as it was during the Greek Food Festival so I didn't think I was violating a sacred space. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Comments let us know people are reading and interested!


Excellent. what a stunning stained glass. MB


Even the shape of the window is beautiful. Having people with the window makes a nice connection.
I love the idea of Mary's soul being small as a baby because it is only one day old!

Louis la Vache

«Louis» did not know that the singing in the Orthodox churches is acapella. Very interesting. «Louis» once belonged to a parish (he is Lutheran) - where the pastor could not chant on pitch. Ouch!

«Louis» thanks you for the link to La Vaca Lola...

Greensboro Daily Photo

Dear Readers: Many of the people who read and comment on Sacred Sunday often have spiritual posts themselves. Dina lives in Jerusalem so just about everything she posts has some connection to religion, directly or indirectly! I have learned through her so much about the religious diversity of Israel.


Excellent image, the silhouetted figures against the beautiful colors of the window look superb!


An amazing picture indeed. Made me wonder whether it is the light of such a place, that makes bright mind and soul, as it can't be just sunshine.

Please have a good week.


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