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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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I'd love to hear them.


Kudos will do very well for a group that can play almost any variety of music there is :-)


I was wondering how you were going to work the K word in. Kudos, and hats off to you. Very ingenious.


Matty Sheets and the Blockheads will also be playing on Friday, October 1st at Center City Park along with Emily Steward and the Baby Teeth & Israel Darling as part of the Friday Night Live event. Free from 6 - 9pm! www.centercitypark.org


I like their description. It seems they don't take themselves too seriously!


Okey, I had to look for the K, but I found it!
Creative.... and good luck to them!

Annelie E
ABC Wednesday team

matty sheets

thanks for the press guys. You land lovers are alright in my book.


I agree! Kudos to them!

Roger Green

And kudos to you.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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