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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


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EG Wow

How sad the indigenous carnivorous plants are being threatened!

Bill B

A worthwhile endeavor. I hope he's successful.


What a clever idea. And what a clever idea to use the G words....Growing, Gardening, Greensboro in Guilford County.


Carnivorous plant in my living room? Hmmmm....


A grand use of G —

Looks like a fascinating gardening market.

ABC Wednesday Team


Those are some interesting plants, to say the least! Do you have any in your garden? If they'll keep the mosquitos away, I'll plant some tonight!


Colorful photo!! Very nice...

Roger Green

the greens of Greensboro!

like it.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Now that's plants to be interested in. My G is a poem saying goodbye. http://meawriter.wordpress.com/2008/11/05/saying-goodbye. Thank you if you nominated me for the blog of note award last week. Hope your week goes well

Helen McCauslin

A glorious parade of G's from Greenboro -- I am grateful for those who will save our glorious plants!
ABC team

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