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Saturday, September 04, 2010


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Nice capture! and it'll probably never come over here but if by any chance I spot her I'll let you know :)


What happens when her neck itches under this collar?


She has such an amused expression!

Lady Fi

What a great pic! But sorry to hear they don't migrate as they should...


Great entry this week! Nice shot as well! :)


I think they're beautiful birds, but boy can they be honkin' maniacs! I hope they didn't try to run you off!


Great neckwear they are sporting. Our parks are full of Canada Geese and yes they make a lot of poop that is sometimes hard to avoid in the park.


I aodre geese
there is something so regal about them yet always comical
great photo


This goose has a rather bemused look on her face! Loved your information attached too!


keeping my eyes peeled for K5H7... wonder if she's like a holiday Down Under ;)

Eugenia Robinson

What a great photograph. The Canadian love to visit down on the Maury River at our friend’s home. We will keep an eye out for K5H7. Of all the ones that have come through and stopped for a visit, we have never seen one with a neckband. Very interesting.


Marion  Ambler

Lots of geese don't migrate anymore; for a couple of reasons including much of their wetlands have been destroyed by humans and the second is when they were almost extinct they were introduced to places like Gainsboro to build up their population. But no matter - blame it on the geese simply not migrating.

This is not a female goose - this is a gander and yes the gander is constantly on the alert to protect for his mate and/or goslings.

I don't know how this goose moves his neck to preen or tuck his head into his wings without this asinine thing pressing into his neck; I imagine when he eats and her crop gets full he must feel like he is choking. When geese fight each other they grab each other by the neck. Whowever dreamed up this abominable thing can't know a lot about geese, their physiology, or how they move their necks. Actually if I saw this goose I would take that inhumane band off.

Please remember, humans have destroyed much of their natural habitat so it is not like the geese has that much choice and yes they have to live anyplace there is water and grass.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Thank you Marion Ambler for educating us on geese and ganders. We are learning so much from our own blog thanks to visitors like you.

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