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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Bill B

Regarding the cat that eats watermelon, was he eating B-B-Q Ribs before the watermelon?


Maybe he just likes sweets, and your healthy food plan for him does not consider this inclination.
My cat loved bulochki, buns and blini and could kill for morkovka, carrot)
Thank you for mentioning Moscow blog!


Caught in the act! Sweet capture. Sometimes pets just like to eat things they normally don't have access to.


What a cute shot! Maybe he needed some sugar?

I don't have a cat now, but my old cat liked yogurt. He loved to lick the yogurt tops. He was a big ol' tub kitty. :)


What a gorgeous clean looking cat! Tabbies are my favorites.

Watermelon seems an odd choice for any feline. Then again, as you say, there must have been some dietary need. Perhaps.


This is new, my cats never eat any fruits. They even hated catnips.. I thinks it's the weather as watermelon is a thirst quencher ;p 90% of it is water and it is nutritious as well.

Great shot indeed!!

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