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Monday, August 09, 2010


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It is good that you looked into this - I would never have thought of a barber!


Hey, thank you for pointing this out to me. I had never heard of Maestro, but will ask around, for I am sure he is a legend.


Fun shot for MYM!!


Yes, firstly I adore the shade of yellow chosen for your photo today.

Second, thank you for the interesting background to the number plate. It would never have occurred to me to try to chase down the info and I chase info all day!

Now, could you tell me please, what is the logo other than VW on the car? I have seen it before somewhere and think it to be a service club of some sort. I dont think it is Rotary because, from memory, that is a notched wheel. But what could it be ...

Helen McCauslin

Great photo of the car and plate and then a fun journey through an old-fashioned barbershop (where my grandpa would take me for a "good" haircut, i.e. not done by my mom!) and a wonderful contemporary barbershop complete with a pool table. Thank you for a very intriguing addition to MYM!

Bill B

This gives rise to the question, are there new barbers? Or have they all been replaced?

Jane Mitchell

To answer Julie's question about the other emblem on the car--it looks like the emblem that was on my father's Masonic ring. Could that be it?

Greensboro Daily Photo

Julie: Jane is right. The other symbol is one for the Masons-- specifically, third degree. If you want to know more, here is a website for the symbols of freemasonry:


Louis la Vache

Very interesting - «Louis» wonders if Bibi in Belgrade knew Maestro.


what a sweet idea! & a cool mellow yellow entry too!

Manang Kim

This is a beetle car ^_^ . My friend just had this one last month and she is loving it much ^_^ Great shot!

Mellow Yellow Monday

julie scottsdaledailyphoto.com

what a fun license plate and clever that you figured out who it represented.

hip chick

Pretty neat. I have a vanity plate on my car as well...it is HIP CHIK

barbara farr

As always its not just another interesting sign. Interesting back story too. Nice shot.



You are such a good detective.

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