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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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A beautiful entrance with graceful stairs.


What a clever idea for E day. Entrance/Exit. It is a beautiful museum to be sure.

Jane Mitchell

Grreensboro's four Delta Kappa Gamma Societies will hold their first joint meeting here in October. Many teacher/members will see this as a prelude to future school visits, I'm sure. The new exhibit, "Voices of a City," will bring many new visitors to the renovated museum.


oh that is really cool, I like that!

Wendy S.

What great "e's! I love the angles and curves. Wonderful :0


Oh, I like this none! LOTS of color.


I would love to just gracefully glide up and down that grand staircase!

Greensboro Daily Photo

Birdman, we hope you meant, "Oh, I like this one!!"

Roger Green

EXCELLENT choice. I always want to know where the nearest exit is.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Oooh I love this!


Sometimes I wonder what the architect drink or smoke before getting the inspiration.. Other times I want to learn the name of the architect and follow his creativity. This is the second occasion. Love the colors and shapes.
(Thank you for following my painting blog, I am so pleased!)


Love the colors and the varied shapes! Great picture, great choice for E.

Helen McCauslin

What a wild and wonderful museum! Congratulations to the designers who were not afraid of color.
And thank you for a perfect entrance to E day,
I am sad to exit your blog,
Helen Mac
ABC team


Now Entrance and Exit....how smart is that!!!! All I could think of was elephants. ha ha.


oh what a different entrance this!


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So fun article is! I agree the idea!

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