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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Very interesting post. I am sure there must be some truth to it as well.
I think I'll take my cue from the actual dogs though- they certainly seem to know how to live, don't they?
Love the photo!


What a dog delightful picture of the two cute dogs. We are thinking along the same lines today. I posted about Dog Days of Summer also. And I must say we have been having some hot, humid, sultry weather the last week or two. So I guess those Dog Days of Summer have arrived.

Bill B

It's simply hot everywhere this summer.


sweet capture!


Great take on the theme and an adorable shot of the dogs.


In answer to your question; Where I am from? I live in Iowa, 26 miles from Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa. I live in a small town named Marengo, Iowa.

Helen McCauslin

Doggone it, a great contribution to D-day. You sent me looking for more information on the origin of "dog days" which links it to the star Sirius: http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=178. Very interesting. Thank you for summing up for so many of us in the "temperate" climate how awfully hot it has been.
Helen Mac
ABC Team

Roger Green

Had been dog days around here, but has fortunately moderated, thank DOG!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Ha - great dog days, for sure!

Louis la Vache

hee hee...
The dog on the left does not seem to be in the least happy with the pooch on the right...

ann chin

our dogs come to school everyday, dogs days or not. You are drinking lots of ice lemonade to keep cool?


Thanks for teaching the meaning of dogs day for a foreigner..but the ones in the photo are so cute..


It's hot here too!

I didn't know the origins of dog days - very interesting. These two guys sure are cute!


here, it is in April or May.. the hottest days..

nice one..

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