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Friday, July 30, 2010


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Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

Well these are just downright adorable. My garden has been so late in getting started with the COLD and WET June we had that I am reluctant to pick any at all. Thanks for the lovely shot of sunshine!

Lady Fi

What intense colours. Just gorgeous!

Manang Kim

Very beautiful and all the colors compliment each other. Love it!



The zinnias are such vibrant colours! Beautiful against the two tones of blue!

Bill B

Beautiful colors!


Zinnias have never "taken" in my yard. But I certainly like them. Such big, bright blossoms!


That is one of the prettiest zinnias pictures I have seen. You did a wonderful job for today's showing.


Zinnias are always beautiful! I once had a neighbor who grew a Hybrid type that bloomed the size of dinner plates in multi colors. I love the deep blue vase it really sets off their color.
Have a good weekend!

Joyce M

These flowers are fantastic!
Joyce M


I like how you've framed these colorful flowers.

David T

After spending the last half of the week in Chapel Hill, I can vouch for that sky being Carolina blue!

barbara farr

Such vibrant colors and they contrast nicely with that blue bottle.


Lovely composition! Wonderful colors!


Hi Thanks for stopping by Weekend Reflections. This picture has great colors!


The flowers are perfect, but the vase is the jewel.

On your question, the photo is my mom's, but I made the painting-like image without the cars. I use GIMP (it is free and my husband still out of job)- there is an option where you can smudge the colors with the mouse pointer - like a brush. It is a very relaxing way to spend an hour - turning a photo into a painting.
Thanks for noticing. I did not put that one in any meme - just made it for my Mom.

Kaori in Tokorozawa

The bright vibrant colors are wonderful! Looks amazing against the clear blue sky :-)


My Zinnias when they bloom are to be white. I hope they look as good as yours did in the blue Vicks bottle. Tres Chic.

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