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Saturday, July 31, 2010


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You, Americans, amaze me. We have to learn your ability to pay attention, time, emotions to your past, present and future, importance of human life.


It looks very interesting!

Abraham Lincoln

Most cities, like your city that is much larger than our 6 thousand souls, have a group of people that runs everything. I was on the city council and president of our chamber of commerce and saw a different side to city government. Lots of cliques and lots of deals in our city. To display them on the wall, here, would be asking for the application of a kind of straight jacket. We have a handful that deserve the notice but we never do it. Glad to see your city does it.

My Funky Photos.

Jane Mitchell

In response to Abe :Although I haven't visited the exhibit yet, I don't imagine that Greensboro's walls have any living movers or shakers.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Yay! How wonderful to be hearing some voices today via blog comments! It can be painfully quiet around here on the weekend!


I'm a museum-goer, so you don't have to prod me much. Now where did you say you were?... I'll be right over :-D


Well, I've enlarged this photo looked very carefully for a particular mover and shaker named Jan, but I didn't find it. Please tell me I was looking in the wrong place! :-)

This is an excellent exhibit and a great way for people to interact with those who may be long gone but were instrumental in putting down the bricks that hold the city together and make it what it is today.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Jacob: No, I am not on the wall of fame of the Historical Museum! That brought a big smile to my face!



this looks like a GREAT exhibit. I love this kind of thing.

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