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Friday, July 23, 2010


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J Bar

Interesting shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


Oh gosh, you're right--the sky is the color of the jar!
The blue color is about the only pleasant thing about Vicks VapoRub. :)
Nice to honor and remember Richardson with the sign and post.

Jane Mitchell

Great history. I didn't realize until I read your piece about Richardson that he bought the drugstore where O. Henry worked--nice linkage of two of our famous sons.


Well my grandmother swore by the stuff! Great photo as well.

Hattie A

One of the plants used to be at the corner of Wendover and Cridland. I grew up in Fisher Park and one summer day, there was an explosion at the plant. It shook the windows in our house 3 blocks away!


I like Vicks, it is similar to the Tiger Balm.

barbara farr

I had no idea. Intersting post. You are much more organized than me. I would have never planned for matching the color of the sky with the jar.

I love that stuff...reminds of when I was sick as kid and my mom taking care of me.



Wow, I had no idea VapoRub has been around for so long.

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Doctors 100 years from now will look at what doctors from today are giving their patients and think ... "Wow, how barbaric." Kinda how doctors today look at doctors from 100 years ago.


My German friend Werner pronounces it Wick's Wapo Wub. He swears by it in Germany.

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