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Thursday, July 08, 2010


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I have a terrace, quite large, but I have only succulents. They need not much care and grew very well. Right mix of sun and shadow, I think.


Very nice!

I planted some bush green beans which are doing okay; some red and yellow bell peppers, which are coming along nicely but not ripe yet; but the big surprise has been the enormous size and prolific tomato plants. That early rain sure made them happy and I'm keeping them that way with hand watering. Yum!

I love blue berries, yours look fantastic.


I only planted flowers. Never had much luck with veggies. :(
I'm still waiting for some of my seeds to produce flowers. They were "mystery" seeds given to me by my MiL.


Very colourful

barbara farr

I don't have anything growing that good looking in my garden.

Bill B



These looks so real! The one in the stores sometimes are like plastic.

Great respect for your effort!

My mother-in-law when visiting in America used to wonder why people waste the land in their yard to grow grass. With the exception of a flower alley she grows veggies, berries, potato, cabbage, melons on every inch in her yard in BG.

She learned from agro-magazines. It is not an easy thing. How did you learn gardening?

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