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Monday, July 26, 2010


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Bill B

Learn something here every day.


I saw okra blossoms for the first time on another blog recently...I had no idea they blossomed, much less that the blossoms were so pretty! This is an excellent photo!


Not fond of the okra, but I think that's b/c it's fried. Maybe I'll try it steamed one of these days.

It does make pretty flowers!


Those are lovely!
I have not seen Okra blooming since I was in Oklahoma in the Summertime back in the '70s ! Sheesh, I need to get out more!
I am old school on the way to eat Okra, washed , dabbed dry , sliced ,milk bath, roll in the cornmeal and fry in the bacon drippings, eat all with gusto!
Have a great week , now I have to go buy Okra for supper!!!


I didn't know about the blossoms....thanks for the lesson! Another way to cook them is in a skillet with a good balsamic....you can cook them until they are almost caramelized....if you have a chance, check out the okra at Southern Roots in Jamestown...they go through nearly 200 pounds per week...


My mother-in-law is from the South and LOVES okra... and my husband adores pickled okra. But I don't know how to cook it-- so he only gets it if we go to a restaurant that serves it. I've never seen okra on the vine, and never even thought about how it grew... now I'm wondering if I should plant a patch in my garden...

barbara farr

I think you and your post just talked me into giving okra a try next year. We like okra and the flowers are great. Thanks for an interesting, and tasty, post.


Don't care for okra but the flowers are just gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by.

Kaori in Tokorozawa

I LOVE okra! And in Japan we usually eat it steamed or lightly boiled. Your photo of the flower is gorgeous!

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