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Monday, July 19, 2010


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That's a tall bottle tree. I never knew that about its catching evil spirits. Now it seems even stranger than before. :)

Bill B

Your staff are volunteers? To think I've been paying mine all these years.


hey that is amazing! 1st time am hearing about bottle trees! thank you!


This is nice. I like bottle trees. But I prefer my bottled filled with spirits of another sort! Looks like an interesting house and sounds like an interesting neighborhood.

There was a bottle house in South Florida somewhere...I think in South Miami. Never did see it, though. I hate to get all bottled up.

barbara farr

I love this bottle tree.

I had one in my yard, but it needs to be redone.

Nice capture.



Bottle tree. Well if it does take away evil spirits maybe I'll put one next to my computer and see if that resolves my problems.

me Ann my camera

I love the bottle tree! I love the concept of it and remember reading of this sort of creative venture before. I would love to create my own. I have blue bottles, and lots of trees. Just maybe? You never know.Thanks for sharing this, Its special and has left an impression on my list of things to do. Ann


This was something new I learned - the bottle tree - it looks colorful - hope it works!

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