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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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Vacant buildings are popping up all over the place. It looks strange when you see a GM dealership that has closed up.

Jane Mitchell

All too timely in this economy.


It is sad to see so many businesses closing. Especially a local eatery like Laddie and Duke's. Sad times, sad times.


Sad story.


So sad, I love waffles.


Battleship gray is an appropriate name for the color - the building looks very similar to a battleship and doesn't resemble an eatery at all. Change is always constant. Excellent photo.

barbara farr

I know that a lot of businesses are struggling, but I never figured a Waffle House would succumb. I'll have a pecan waffle and diet coke with a shot of vanilla please.

Roger Green

WAFFLES! I LOVE THEM, and it's sad that it closed. bldg sorta shaped like a large waffle.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


Hopefully a new business can breathe new life into that sad gray building. It looked so quaint and homey as the Waffle House.


Shame it is closed.


It is a dramatic photo to go with the story.

Waffles--I haven't had one since . . . since in America.


That is fugly architecture! Of course it makes everyone crave the waffles.



Thanks so much for your contribution – it is so good to see buildings being re-used and not demolished don't you think?

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