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Monday, June 21, 2010


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Bill B

Looks like a lot of fun, colorful, too.

leif hagen

Quite the fancy ladies! Sounds like a fun time!


They will certainly stand out in a crowd. Seems like a fun summer event.


You've captured the heat and the fun it looks like. Stay cool!

Joanne Olivieri

Oh what great fun and love the costumes.


merry vibes from this shot...so colorful...

thanks for the visit!
Happy Monday!


Hi There! It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. I've had such fun wandering through your wonderful blog. What a lot of fun! Your photos are fabulous. I've not been to North Carolina but now you've made me want to go.


Love this!
Were there any druids? ;-)

Jaune, jaundice. Jaundice in French is "jaunisse". I haven't looked it up but my guess is that it's one of the numerous English words that are literal adaptations from the French language. That's due to the Plantagenêt kings of French descent who ruled England for quite a long time, right up to the Tudor age. At the time, French was the official court language in England.

Re. flea market. No, this isn't a flea market, it's what I believe you would call a garage sale. In French, "vide-greniers" = empty your attic.


I love any event that gives people an excuse to wear costumes. Sounds fun. And don't worry about the laws disallowing gas pumping - they're from 1949, although we voted to uphold in in 1984 (before I arrived). New Jersey is the other state that has a similar law. Supposedly it's about safety and giving jobs to people. I think the job excuse is a poor one, since gas stations are not known for having a lot of people at the ready to help out (at least here), and safety . . . well, there may have been an accident once or twice in Oregon's past, but it's not like the other 48 states (not counting NJ) have people going up in flames at the gas pumps every day! Crazy, huh?


Well, you've sold me on the benefits of attending this event!

Re: your comment on Florida Fotos - I've posted some pictures of Rawling's home/property previously, but I can't remember what I titled them. Very interesting place and not too far from us.


Looks like a fun and colorful event. The costumes are pretty.


That looks like a lot of fun and so colourful. Thank you for your comments on my blog.

pagan sphinx

Oh, I love this photo! I would have loved to have been there. There is a summer solstice festival in Santa Barbara, where I'm headed on Wednesday but I think it was this past weekend, as yours was.

Thank you for your comment about my friend Bobbie. It's so true how bonds can be formed when people share themselves in friendship on the 'net. Blogging has been a blessing for me in that way. And Bobbie was one of the best friends I had here.


Carley Sassmann

Thank you for helping us celebrate the Summer Solstice! We had a wonderful crowd of fun and artistic friends that gathered together on Sunday. Thanks for sharing this photo of me and my best friend, the Peacock Queen. We LOVE fluttering about year after year! For those interested, the artist who painted me is Scott Fray www.livingbrush.com - He is truly amazing!

Cheers - See you at Solstice 2011!
Carley Sassmann

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Have a good one!


sounds like a good time was had by all


What a nice way to celebrate!

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