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Thursday, June 17, 2010


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Greensboro Daily Photo

I got so tickled looking at Brooklyn Daily Photo, I saw something that reminds me of this photo. You've gotta look!!!



Looks like a neat game. I'd love to try it!

Jane Mitchell

Curious about the name of the inventor, I googled and found out it was a Steve Herbolich who is listed as a Winston-Salem/Greensboro man who is currently employed by Volvo as a technical illustrator. Imagine the fine motor skills used to design that Volvo!


Excellent, associating the 3-D creation with a subway map! New inventions come from letting your imagination go. A cup or two of morning coffee helps, too!


Looks like a fun and mind expanding game. Good for all ages, I imagine.

I guess Seattle could boast about MS DOS and Microsoft?


I'm not sure, but I think horse manure was invented in Ocala...

What kind of game is this? Do you configure these colored crooked sticks any way you wish, or is their a reason for their madness?

Greensboro Daily Photo

You configure any way you want. The goal is to get them to balance. If any fall off, you add them to your pile.

barbara farr

I am thinking a mix of pick up sticks and a house of cards. Pretty neat. Nothing was invented in Phenix City that I know, but Columbus claims Coca Cola.


Interesting! the Bush Hog was invented in Selma.

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