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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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A good and altruistic message in your words and photo.

But what's this sign about winning a cruise?? If so, I might overcome my fear of needles and donate some blood.

Bill B

Always a worthwhile cause.

Magical Mystical Teacher

The Red Cross—
ready to help in
times of need.

Ruby Phone Box

Manang Kim

Red Cross always a help to everybody.

RT~Fiesta Hollyhock

Josefine Bergqvist

Red cross - always ready to help. A really nice shot!
Have a nice day!


Great photo for RT. I thought at first you were Greensboro, VT, but you aren't! No buildings are that new here! Have a great week!

barbara farr

I would love to donate blood but I was in Germany in the early 80's and they are afraid I might have mad cow disease.

Anyway, I usually donate time at the blood drives.


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