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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Magical Mystical Teacher

scarlet as letter
Hester wore

Frank Charley’s grave


That is one FINE looking ride!

hip chick

I try to shop local whenever possible as well. Otherwise we will lose all our beautiful down towns and every thing will turn into over paved strip malls. What a truck!!

Auntie E

Love those old cars.
My Ruby Tuesday Link for You

lynda howells

love this red vehicle! happy Ruby Tuesdayx lynda


What a story! We do not have the places with history and attitude, unfortunately. Now the faceless malls win the battle here.


Truck is right out of the 50's!


That's one lovely ruby car!
We have a similar shop in Antwerp too, so I know what you mean if you say you're glad they're still there! I would not like to see mine disappear either!

ann chin, New Zealand

I like this red truck. Everyday these few days, on my way home, I see a similar green truck across the road. may be tomorrow, I will stop my car and take a photo. Not ask flash as yours, rather an old bangup vehicle with a lot of dirt,

Cacai M.

Ooh that's pretty red car! I love it! It's vintage and classic.. it's great cool car..

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
Here's mine: My Ruby Tuesday: Lip Glosses and a Cake Art

See yah.. ;-)

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