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Saturday, May 01, 2010


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A statue that ought to act as an inspiration to many people around the world. Racism is NOT dead.

PsS Thank you for the comment - the situation is rather the other way around :-)


Love this one...w/ a worldly message.

hip chick

Great statue. I never knew that there was a statue for them.


The country has changed a lot in our lifetime.


I love the photograph of this statue. Very well done.

Thanks for visiting mine and I'm glad you did get a skin check. That's a shame it was so expensive. I hope you had insurance that paid for a lot of it. I had a deep melanoma primary which spread to a lymph node and have been lucky that so far it hasn't spread anywhere else. I had a complete lymph node dissection of the area involved and I have to see a dermatologist and also an oncologist for follow up. I am definitely an advocate for people getting regular skin checks because once it spreads it's a lot harder to treat and stop. If it's caught in the early stages the prognosis is excellent but once it goes beyond the skin, that's another story. I've gotten to know so many people through a melanoma support group who have died because it was caught too late that it makes me very sad. So far though I've been very lucky.

Jane Mitchell

Worthy of repetition on February 1, 2011 and all the February l's that follow.


Beautiful reminder of the civil rights movement.

julie scottsdaledailyphoto.com

I really like this image. it shows a moment in time and a powerful cause


I just love this. Not just for what it all means which is quite something, but what a work of art it is.


Very impressive photo, even before reading the story from the post.


Great photo, great statue, great story.

Sorry about your friend. I had some customs at
and a bit at http://jerusalemhillsdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2009/12/tiberian-tombs.html (although in America they probably use a coffin).
The traditional thing to say to the mourning family is "May God comfort the mourners in Zion."

Lori Lynn

Bravo! This is my absolute favorite Theme Day photo. Great choice!

foto CHIP - Birgitta

Are they leaving the board to give place for the women ;)

The wise men have been four :)


Love the silhouettes!
Really awesome shot!


I didn't remember their names, but as a teacher of American history, I always spent at least a week on the Civil Rights movement...and this was a big part of it! Cool shot!

Re your comments on Ocala DP: It's funny because "they" probably wouldn't let you sit around and enjoy...we went in the office some time ago and asked to take some pictures of the church and were told by an "officious" sort that they'd have to get permission from the Bishop in Orlando...heh, heh! We took a bunch of pictures anyway.

Tony mile life

re your comment on Nilelife2. I have several blogs on Egypt, go to the side bar most of my blogs are on there. dragons . birds,plants
etc all the photos are mainly from around Luxor Egypt I am going to Ismalia next month. to see the wildlife around the Suez canal area.
tony @www.myegypt.co.uk

John McDevitt

Outstanding. Bet it makes the wall next week.


Jan, thanks for a great post. Even though I lived through that time as an emerging adult, I was in the West, trying to make the adjustment from the parental home to the bigger world. A lot of this history slipped by me. Plus, I have to say it. I was brought up in a slightly veiled racist environment. I had to sort out my own feelings that didn't agree with my family of origin, but were not so developed that I felt confident. I admire the people who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in the face of such mindless hostility. I have stood up in my own way, but I don't know if I could have done what they did. Greensboro seems to have been quite a center for Civil Rights. I had to laugh out loud at your comment about a tapir statue in Astoria. That will be the day. I'll probably have to carve it myself :)


Perhaps they need a statue like this in Arizona. Great choice.


I hope all people can learn from them. A great choice, Jan.

leif hagen

A great statue of 4 men with a strong story! Bravo for your theme day posting!


A good, strong photo of an important statue.

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