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Friday, April 16, 2010


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Magical Mystical Teacher

crisscrossing contrails
like long white animal tails
swishing in the sky


Oh so cool! I didn't know that they're called contrails! I have learned something today...thanks, and I love the rainbow colored trees on the background.


The sky is so beautiful and lovely trees with the flowers. I also love the shot below this post with the fence covered in bank roses. Happy weekend.


This reminds me of a painting. It's very beautiful.


I always love the way Contrails look. They are the evidence that we can go anywhere at all!


The brightly coloured trees are a bonus.
Actually the contrail are a bonus shot too, for the Europeans who will be missing them!


Gorgeous colors. And I'm glad for you that tax season is over! :)


Such lovely color on the trees. All in all a beautiful picture, and I learned something, too!

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