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Sunday, April 04, 2010


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It's very beautiful.
Yes, so many holidays, all together.
I'm glad your town has an Orthodox church (although I have trouble imagining the service in English).
Wishing you a joy-filled Easter.


Orthodox churches are usually much more ornate than other Christian sects. And the Orthodox are not well-known nor are they well understood by other Christians in this country. Perhaps this post will increase that knowledge and understanding.

Best wishes for a great week.

barbara farr

Very pretty. Wishing you a joyous Easter, in any language.


I grew up in a very austere, plain church and these Orthodox Churches just take my breath away.


Blessed Easter to you, too!

leif hagen

Happy Easter to you and yours! Very interesting information and what a gorgeous photos of that Orthodox church!


Jan, I visited your blog and was so pleased to see the recognisible details and Russian lettering. I was not able to put a comment, as am too busy with my job and can only quickly look through my favourite blogs. But soon I'll be back! :-)))
Maybe the Orthodox will become a new movement in Greensboro. I think it is good that people believe, in general. Most of our problems in Russia happened because we were forced away to atheism, I think.
PS. Your blog photos give me a very high level of quality to follow and to learn.

Sacred Ruminations

Happy Easter to you and yours ... lovely post ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Clueless in Boston

Happy Easter.

Louis la Vache

Mme la Vache et «Louis» wish you a blessed Easter.

«Louis» posted a followup today to his Great Vigil of Easter post.


It's very beautiful,the color is awesome,hanks for sharing & thanks also my viewing my blog.
Have a nice day.


Magnificent! I've only seen separate panels of icons, but never a whole iconostasis like this.

I hope you and your family had a blessed and beautiful Easter Sunday, Jan!


Christ is Risen! What a lovely photo of a lovely place. As someone who showed up as a stranger at this church about 6 months ago, I can tell you that the people there are just as beautiful as their physical building. I am so glad you made it there to take a photo!

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