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Sunday, March 07, 2010


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The church is really impressive from that angle.
So back then everyone and everything was in "proximity"?


dear dina...it is monday morning and i have finally got here to see what you have in for a sunday morning.
what a splendid looking old church!
and to think that it is used by the hisspanic christians.
i have a special love for the spanish.
in welland, we have spanish people from mexico, el salvador,guatemala.
every other week they have their gospel meeing in their own language at the gospel hall where we attend.
they reach out to the spanish, living in the town.
and every other week, i make them a huge fruit salad. the spanish love their fruit better than canadian or american sweets!
i will have to say so long for now, but i will return to look here and at your monday post when i get home
really great sunday post.....
please excuse the spelling..it is too early in the morning!...love terry


What a beautiful building, I wish they still made church buildings this impressive. I'm sure there are exceptions, but it seems most churches built these days are more predictable. I have never seen this church - and now plan to take a ride & drive by soon. Thanks for once again showing me a place in this city that I might have never noticed.


Thank you for posting this beautiful picture. This church was (and probably still is) as beautiful inside as out with stained glass windows to rival any large church. The pipe organ provided countless hours of inspirational music. The sanctuary seating, as well as a small balcony, follow the outer curve shown in the picture and the floor slopes down toward the semi-circular altar area situated diagonally from the front doors.

I attended Proximity UMC while still in college (1980-81). My first child was baptized there. The majority of congregation was older - most having attended for decades. They are gone but the warmth and caring of this church and those people will never be forgotten.

Rev. David A. Guy

I am a former pastor of this church, Promixity UMC. If you would like to know the history of this beautiful church, call Scruggs Florist in Greensboro and talk with Rigdon Scruggs.

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