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Saturday, March 13, 2010


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leif hagen

A great action bowling photo! My blog showed bowling yesterday with our Rotary exchange student from Taiwan! Strike!


You caught this bowler in classic good form (I think).

So in Germany it originated as "a religious ceremony for determining absence of sin"?? What were those monks thinking?! strange ...

I haven't been bowling for several decades. But the game has arrived in Israel and its Hebrew name is "boweling." eeuw

Greensboro Daily Photo

For those of you who have been following the houses on our blog this week, so far the YELLOW one is ahead with the most number of comments. It has sparked the most reflection. Perhaps I should drop the owners a tiny "congratulations" post card! Today is a sunny day so we're off to photograph. Will have to do another week of houses. Many more colors and styles out there just waiting for their 10 minutes of fame!!!



I used to bowl on a regular basis. Don't know what happened. Haven't bowled in years. Love it, though. I enjoyed your commentary, too - so much I didn't know. Again!


Great action shot, and we see nobody apart the player and another ball rolling. The color and the reflection are awesome!


Thta reminded me of "Big Lebowski"'s film Jesus character..


I haven't been bowling in ages & that looks like fun.
nice shot too btw.
: )

Jane Mitchell

I seem to remember bowling lanes at Friendly Center some years ago, but I can't recall exactly where they were located. Can anyone help?


tres original,bravo ;O)


This is a great idea for this meme! Bowling alleys are just full of reflective surfaces. Nice job!


what a colorful bowling alley with nifty reflections!
Hugs and blessings,

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