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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


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I love red houses, and white houses with red doors. I can't wait to see the other colored houses you've found!


I think that the ruby siding makes for a lovely home! The colors are similar here and with the Mill House, but not the age nor style. Both look great, the many different styles in the Triad. Nice!


thanks for your nice comment on my little blog - I will continue to visit GDP after we move - maybe I won't be as homesick. We are moving to the Charlottesville, VA area soon. My husband and I both wish we could stay here, but in these times, we feel blessed he has found a job, and I've yet to find one again in either Greensboro or up there. I've already tried to find a Charlottesville Daily Photo but saw nothing as nice as yours. I will probably just keep my 'momingso' blogger for a while...maybe someday I'll want to change it to 'momincville' :)


hi!.i finally had some time to visit your ruby tuesday post.
i agree with charlotte. i love red houses but i especially love red doors and red shutters on a house.
how beautiful this little house must look when those trees hanging around there are dressed in their autumn clothing!
are those red berries on the shrubs?...i like houses that don't have perfect "ninety degree" angles and have not a leaf or grass out of place
this house looks like it would welcome children in and maybe a kitten or two!
and how good a cup of hot tea served in a fine china cup [with real cream!] would taste inside this house!
yes, i really love this house!........love terry

Small Reflections

Kewl RUBY house with nifty window reflections and shadows on the roof too ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

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