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Friday, March 26, 2010


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NOW! It's about to be LUNCH time and that NAME makes my hunger go out of control! Nice colorful shot!


You remind me of first McDonald's restaurant in Moscow. It was opened in 1990. After 70 years of Soviet life it was like a miracle, delicious food (yes, now I know all the damage:-))), smiling salespeople, bright and beautiful interiors. We stood in line for two-three hours. Once I saw in the queue a wealthy businessman, who invited his girlfriend to a restaurant and was very proud of him. Plus, I was 20 years younger. Good times. Thank you for reminding me.


Nice bit of history! :) I read your blog on sisterly love as well; that's a very beautiful capture.

And the seagull looks regal almost, flying high above everything else!

Greensboro Daily Photo

As we look back over the Skywatch Friday shots, we feel like proud parents! Thank you Skywatch Friday team for starting the idea of taking time to look up and appreciate the sky around us on Friday! Readers, if you have a chance, take a quick stroll through our Skywatch Friday photos here. We'd love to know if you have a personal favorite!



shelle @ fairdinks

fancy that...a mc d's going into the hall of fame lol.


What a pretty Spring day at the Micky Ds! Yep those darn Seagulls are the scavengers of the earth , no bit to small or stale for them!


Americana, classic. :)
I'd love to have that meal you suggest.

Lori Lynn

Terrific Americana composition!
Love the sky, the colorful McDonalds, the flag.


Interesting ... the original McDonald's here in our area is a bit of a historic spot too. BEAUTIFUL skies ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

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