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Sunday, February 14, 2010


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Greensboro Daily Photo

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Mr. and Mrs. GDP


Kind of a spooky shot! I'm glad that nothing else was damaged on the building.

Fifty-mile-an-hour winds are nothing to sneeze at! We've been through several hurricanes so know something of what you experienced.

Have a great day!


I agree with Jacob, it is a spooky shot. Fabulously spooky. :)


I like the effect of the shot very much. Too bad though about the steeple.

I had to laugh at your comment on mine. To be honest when I shot it, I didn't notice how phallic it was. Then after downloading and posting it, I did see what everyone else does but heck it's just a tree, ha.


Wow - it looks like an action shot, grainy, at night, and wild. Very cool.


Cool effect.


Very dramatic!


Hey! Comment posting is so fast and easy now. A pleasure!
Good fix.


It is like ghost town - very interesting shot. Bricks are what you a buildings have to be made of - ask the three little pigs :)



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