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Monday, February 08, 2010


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They are a favorite of our Native Hawks. As such, we don't have much of a problem with them. A lovely picture. The contrast is striking.


Love your photo! We do have pigeons!

Jane Mitchell

Interestingly enough, the French took their word for dove from the learned Latin bird name form, hence "colombe: from which we get columbarium (like a dovecote) for our departed loved ones.


Nice photo, but his feet seem to be frozen to the tracks! I hope the train is not coming!

Also, I've been following your tale(s) of espionage and derring-do on VDP - you should be tweeting those, I'd subscribe.


That's a better than average pigeon photo! Poor guy/gal looks to be stuck in that snow drift ... watch out!! Train's coming -:)

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations

Nifty shot! Intriguing to see a pigeon in the snow ;-)
We have BOTH pigeons and doves here in Southern California.
Hugs and blessings,


that was so interesting...
the pigeon looks frozen in his tracks!

ann chin

RE: I have seen more of these disposal recepticals in other places. But the one in the airport, I supposed they were installed pre-terrorists days, and the airport management didn't get around removing it.

Your poor pigeon, I hope the cold weather doesn't freeze it's legs.

The pigeons in my area is spoilt to bits. I feed birds with rice, bread noodles, and the bigger pigoens horde the food, and chase the poor sparrows away.

Greensboro Daily Photo

Dear All:

This pigeon was in no way stuck. S/he and a partner in crime were walking the tracks. It looked like their daily routine. They were in and out of that snow as fast as you clicked your camera.

Winds are whipping here in Greensboro. So far, roads are OK.


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