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Saturday, February 06, 2010


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beautifully composed and shot!
yummy times ahead!


This is too funny!


What a great shot and good cookies too.


This is a great shot. I've already got my stash (and yes, I hid some of them HA!) I just wonder why they sell them in February, when so many people start diets in January??


Yum!Yum! that cookie parade is so colorful and delicious!


I'll have some Thin Mints!


Maybe I should ask my sister to buy some and send them over. I've always been intrigued by girl scout cookies. Let's see – one box each of thin mints, shortbread and both peanut butter kinds. :)

Have a happy weekend, Jan!


wonderful reflections! & so true about Girl Scout cookies and memories. I have good ones involving thin mints.

ann chin

You have so many kinds of girl guide cookies. In New Zealand, we still have the traditional ones. A fellow teacher takes orders in our staff room.

They also sell them outside shopping malls.


Thanks for visiting my blog Jan. I left a reply to your comment there. :)

Wonderful collection of photos here. Vivid slices of life. I’ll be back!


Excellent shot. Very classy Parisian lady :-) but what are those cookies? You buy the cookies to help support the girl scouts?

Greensboro Daily Photo

For our international readers like Cieldequimper from France, here is a short video clip and information about girl scout cookies:



that woman appears to be pondering her decision ;)
it's easy - 2 of everything!!


This isn't fair. How can you expect me to look at the reflection while all of those Girl Scout cookies are in front of it? Nice shot!

Quasi Serendipita

I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide in the UK but we didn't have cookies! I'm off to find out a bit more about them!

John McDevitt

Ah the tradition continues. I like the way you included the woman in the foreground.

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