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Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Very striking architecture. It must be wonderful inside with all those colored glass!

Abraham Lincoln

A beautiful post.

Thanks for your visit to my blog and comment. You asked about holes. I left a reply there under your comment. But also brought it here.

Raccoons will dig up worms and grubs at night but almost always in flower beds or places where there is a lot of mulch and moisture. Chipmunks dig holes about as big around as an egg but usually only during the summer or warm weather and then it is for an underground den. Skunks don't dig much but groundhogs do and also moles will make tunnels just under the ground and that causes the grass to hump up.


Happy Sacred Sunday! I'm glad that you commented on the three vans - that struck me immediately. Yes, it is a sign of life in the church...and they are parked headed out, ready to go on mission.


You have a nice, well-thought-out post, and it seems your blog background color is perfect for so many of your shots! Thanks for the reminder of what MLK day is all about. I grew up in a family where a speech like this would have been shunned, not so much because of race, but because of "politics." They would not have argued with much of the message, but probably would not have chosen to listen carefully. There are many reasons a person might choose to refute or ignore a message of peace and humanity, and we need those messages so badly. It's sad that a humanitarian should be martyred in our lifetimes, and yes, those people should be remembered. Thanks for the links.

Lee Spangler

Hi: Thanks as usual 4 visiting me. It gave me the opportunity to catch up on all your interesting post and photos. Btw., the Wake Forest kids were great. They brought a bunch of t-shirts. Lots of locals are wearing Wake clothing and these students were a credit to the school and the state. I blogged about them in today's post.


Speaking of holes, voles and moles are big culprits in this area. You'd think the little critters were China bound!

You always have a sensitive, well thought out commentary which is equal to your photographs.

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