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Sunday, January 03, 2010


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A wonderful tradition, born of need in old France.
Thanks for the many details that I was lacking about the Santons.


I think this is beautiful. One word of caution,the figurines should be stored in a controled enviroment to preserve the glazes, especially terra cotta which is porous and could be damaged by extreme heat or cold. Thanks for sharing.


What an informative post. Such a good tradition to be able to engage in. Jilly has been featuring the santons in her Menton blog, too.

Jane Mitchell

How moved I am by your featuring my treasured santons in your Sunday posting. I have been collecting them since Christmas of 1964 when I traveled in Provence and attended the Foire aux Santons in Marseilles. They are my favorite Christmas tradition.


Thanks for mentioning my laundromat comment. I actually found a very nice one in the next town over (about 10 minutes away) that's attached to a mini-mart, which means there is someone in attendance, you can get change, you can get snacks, you can buy laundry stuff, and the clientele was nice. Even the washers and dryers were new and efficient. Maybe it will end up on my blog someday. I'll have to refer to your post :)


How lovely that a Francophile friend brings out her santons each Christmas. I love that people keep up traditions and in this case, of course, it reminds her, as you say, of her visits to France. A lovely post. Thanks for leaving a message on mine and alerting me to these lovely santons.

Happy New Year!


Having seen this very creche many times, I am delighted to see your feature. My favoite Santon tradition is that of having a lamb for each child in the family. The lambs (Children) vie for the best position, the one closest to the Infant. The children's sheep are moved each day to reflect each child's behavior.
I imagine that by Christmas morning all transgressions are forgive and the aby Jesus is snuggled in, well protected by lambs.
Vive la France! et les franchophiles!

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