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Saturday, January 16, 2010


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Quasi Serendipita

Those ipods give fun, colour reflections!

Stine, Canada

Well, I'm not an iPod user but I do use a Mac!


Believe me or not, I don't but the picture is cool!!


I don't have an iPod either but I've been a Mac user since 1993. Apple rules! And I love their display in your store!


I don´t know anything about Apple but if I some day get an iPod as a gift I hope it´s red.


I want an Apple store in Ocala! But, nooooooo! We have to drive all the way to Orlando! That's too far.

So, enjoy, you lucky people!

leif hagen

I haven't iPodded yet! I want an iPod but our 9 yr old daughter has an iPod! Fun and colorful foto!


I love the nice bold colors in this reflection shot, so pretty.
I have a mini I-pod & I love it.
& I love visiting any Apple store. I open up my blog and leave it there for people to see.

John McDevitt

Neat picture. Love your title.


I love the colors! It's good to remember when to talk to people. I'm a BlackBerry addict (partly for my business), and what I considered rude a few years ago, I probably do routinely now. It's always good to be reminded!

Happily Retired Gal

Fun reflections of the Apple Store ... I'm reminded that I discovered a Microsoft Store Tuesday in Mission Viejo Mall (apparently it's the second to open ... the first is in Scottsdale, AZ with more to follow) but was so fascinated with what it offered that I neglected to take photos. LOL ... Guess I'll need to go back ;-)
Hugs and blessings,


love this rainbow capture from the ipod store. i have another brand of an mp3 player that i've used sporadically since purchasing. trying to get it together to use on upcoming euro trip but at the moment cannot locate the charger cable...go figure.
have a fab weekend.


Love the colours. If I were to buy an iPod, i'd have a difficult time choosing which colour to get!


surprenant ! ;O)

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